About Me

My name is Jacob Daniel Castro. I am a front-end web developer. I love to code websites and stuff like that.

I started learning to code HTML and CSS in 2015 after I graduated high school. I was a little on-and-off with my learning up until the end of 2017 where I decided that web development was, indeed, the career I wanted to pursue. From there, I jumped into JavaScript and have been falling more and more in love with web development ever since.

After coding, I also really enjoy design. My favorite sans-serif fonts are Helvetica and Montserrat. I don't really have a favorite serif font (yet), but they're cool too, I guess.

One of my favorite things to do is take my passion for design and love for coding and combine them in my projects. I'm obssessed with gorgeous UI's; designing my own (for clients or otherwise) is so satisfying. And then translating that into code and crafting a truly memorable UX is my passion.

I live in Santa Maria, CA but my goal is to move to Chicago, IL someday soon. Some would say that's a downgrade, at least in weather quality, but I'm focused as hell to get there. If you're from Chicago, I'd love to hear from you!

Some hobbies of mine include music and sports. I play guitar and sing a bit. I also really really love sports. All Chicago-based teams are my favorite (except the White Sox, of course).